GM Afcon

GM Afcon develops and manufactures specialized security systems based on smart electronic sensors. These sensors are installed on perimeter fences, ensuring protection against intrusion in secure, guarded facilities.

The sensors are connected to a unique command and control software system that enables the integration of complex security scenarios combined with video systems, public address systems, analytical systems, and more.

The V-ALERT system represents a leap forward in terms of its high-level detection capabilities, with a very low false-positive rate and the ability to be adapted to suit various types of perimeter barriers, including: welded fences, mesh fences, walls, metal poles, towers, and more.

V-ALERT has been tested by many technological and security authorities and found to be the very best option for protecting critical facilities, security facilities, and border sites.

The system is sold in Israel and internationally, and is used in major security projects around the world.