Meeting with 1st Institute of Ministry of Public Security

February 2, 2016

Accompanied by several chief Israel experts, Compass Homeland Security Ltd. Director Mordechai Ben Shach and Compass Ventures CEO Moshe Kamar and several members of the Company led a group of Israel experts and attended a meeting in Beijing with the 1st Institute of Ministry of Public Security. 

The hosts and guests watched the introduction film of FISCAN. 

Mr. Chen Jiannan- General Director of FISCAN, a main supplier of Ministry of Public Security for relative equipment, welcomed the delegation. Mr. Chen introduced the First Institute, which is one of the most important institutes under the Ministry of Public Security. The Ministry of Public Security’s responsibility includes not just all security aspects, but also fire control, immigration control, population management etc.

 NSR and Juganu, leading technology companies in Smart and Safe Cities, Internet of Things (IoT), and LED lighting and LED communications, made a brief introduction about IoT and LED applications for smart and secure city applications. The 1st Institute of Ministry of Public Security management expressed high appreciation of the technologies Compass HLS Group introduced from Israel. All sides showed an eager interest in advancing constructive communication and discussed the plan going forward, including by having technical discussions and cooperation in the near future.