Israel as a Global HLS Leader

Ever since establishing statehood in 1948, the State of Israel has encountered ongoing and varying foreign and domestic security threats. Of necessity, Israel has developed a robust mechanism and the ability to provide solutions, short and long term, to strategic and tactical challenges and by creation of policy-defining initiatives.

Since the early 1990s, Israel has also emerged as a leader in the high-end technology field, as an innovator and key player in the global market in key technology fields, including IT, cyber, telecommunications, data security, and other fields.

Amid the rising threats of local and global terror, Israel has become a pioneer in the emerging HLS market, taking advantage of the Israeli market's security know-how and experience and its technological and innovational edge.

From the largest Israeli military and security industries to niche companies in the private sector – Israeli bodies provide services and products, and high-end and cutting-edge technologies to government, public and private bodies, making Israel a one-stop-shop for providing solutions to the growing HLS challenges and demands across the globe.