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Global Leading

Ever since establishing statehood in 1948, the State of Israel has encountered ongoing and varying foreign and domestic security threats. Of necessity, Israel has developed a robust mechanism and the ability to provide solutions, short and long term, to strategic and tactical challenges and by creation of policy-defining initiatives.

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New Challenges

Since the end of the WW2, and particularly in the past two decades, the world has witnessed a transformation of the nature of the armed conflicts - from total conventional wars between countries, to low intensity conflicts between countries and terror/guerilla organizations. This change bears far-reaching implications on varying fronts, including the relationships between the political and military levels, the essence of real time intelligence, the relevant technological needs continually arising, and others.

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Whilst HLS threats are widely perceived as related to the Western world, it has been the countries spread across Asia, including the largest thereof (namely – China, India and Indonesia) who have raised the bar in combating these  threats, in order to respond to the growing number of terror-related threats and internal unrest. Such actions include introduction of large budgets, globally unprecedented, adoption of long-term plans and government support for HLS development, activities and legislation.

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