Compass Homeland Security

A Commitment to Excellence in Everything We Do

Compass Homeland Security, a subsidiary of Compass Ventures General Group, was born as a result of the realization, on one hand, of the growing and changing HLS needs in the Asian markets, and the opportunities arising from such needs for innovative technologies, products and services.  On the other hand, the Israeli HLS market's innovative and technological added value and ability to meet such needs enables Compass to provide for the aforementioned needs, and provide solutions to the presented challenges.


Compass Homeland Security, with its in-depth familiarity and longtime local presence in the Asian market, possesses extensive experience, strategic alliances and partnerships with key functions in the largest Asian HLS markets, including leading market and policy leaders. It has therefore placed itself in a unique position to introduce and implement new technologies, products and services to meet the local emerging needs.


Compass Homeland Security is led by some of the most decorated and experienced military and security figures in Israel, with broad, first-hand experience in combating terrorism and HLS challenges at the highest level, including military, government and private sectors.  Compass Homeland Security possesses extensive and unparalleled knowledge, market-awareness and capabilities in the Israeli HLS market, including acting as the  exclusive representative of the most prominent leaders in the Israeli military and HLS market, alongside companies specializing in specific technologies and solutions to tailor to specific requirements.


Compass Homeland Security has utilized its unique positioning in Asia and Israel to recognize and develop different fields in the HLS market, and to tailor to the specific needs in the Asian markets, namely in the areas of narcotics and explosives detection; smart cities and safe cities technology; robotics; cyber; border control; riot control, protection of vital infrastructure, vehicle protection and others. 

Compass HLS technologies, services, and products include, amongst others: 

  • Implementing Turnkey projects
  • State of the art technologies and robust solutions
  • Planning, system design, implementation and analysis
  • Expert consultancy and on-demand service
  • Providing cutting-edge technological products and solutions from Israel and from abroad
  • Joint ventures and development with Asian entities